What is Entertaiment?


Several of the most common forms of entertaintaiment include: dance, music, theater, and storytelling. However, there are also more obscure forms of entertainment such as the circus and the carnival.


ENTERTAINMENT is a broad term used to describe different types of activities, events, and hobbies. It may also be used to describe a movie, television show, or game. Often, individuals use the word to define their own unique personality. It can also refer to anything that brings joy.

ENTERTAINMENT is also abbreviated as ENTMT. This abbreviation is used in headlines, newspaper titles, and other similar applications. While not commonly used in general prose, it is sometimes used to save space.

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Meaning of the word

Despite its popularity, there are many misconceptions about the meaning of the word entertainment. The word was first used in the Old French phrase entretenir, which means to hold together. Later, the word became a general term for the art of entertainment.

A common definition of the word is “any activity that gives pleasure or enjoyment.” It can refer to an amusement, a social event, or any other type of performance. It can be as simple as a rock concert in a stadium or as complex as a Broadway show.

Another common definition of the word entertainment is the performance of a clown at a birthday party. Other examples include a video game. A video game is an exercise of skill and precision. It can also be an amusing distraction for a player.

Examples of the word in context

Depending on your psyche, there is no shortage of high-quality entertainment on the silver fox. For the uninitiated, there is no better way to unwind than to be surrounded by quality entertainment and booze. For the more socially savvy, a day out at the racetrack is an ideal way to spend the evening. Besides, there are few things as gratifying as toppling a competitive field of six or eight contestants.

A good rule of thumb is to always have a plan in place when going out for the evening. This will not only ensure a night to remember, but will also ensure a day well spent.

Common forms of entertaintaiment

Various forms of entertainment are available for people of all ages and interests. These include music, movies, theatre and sports. They provide the audience with enjoyment and intellectual growth. They are also good for relieving stress. Entertainment can be an important part of a family’s life.

Throughout the history of humankind, entertainment has become a fundamental part of culture. In ancient times, many nations had similar forms of entertainment. In India, there were also many forms of traditional entertainment. Puppetry is one of the oldest forms of entertainment. It involves holding puppets and narrating a story. Puppetry is popular with both children and adults.