The Daily News

Daily News is the world’s best-selling morning newspaper with a circulation of more than 200,000 copies a day. Founded in 1919 by Joseph Medill Patterson as the Illustrated Daily News, the Daily News is a subsidiary of Tribune Company and is the oldest tabloid-format newspaper in the United States.

The Daily News has a long history as the most popular New York City newspaper. During the 1920s, it was known for its sensational coverage of crime, scandal and violence. It also produced lurid photographs, cartoons and other entertainment features. The paper was the first American tabloid to achieve success, reaching its zenith in 1947 at 2.4 million copies per day.

Today, the Daily News is owned by tronc, the publishing operations of the former Tribune Company. It is headquartered at 4 New York Plaza in Lower Manhattan, where it continues to produce newspapers for sale and distribute print, online, and mobile versions.

It is the top-selling daily newspaper in the country, with more than a third of all New Yorkers reading it. It is a part of the MediaNews Group, a division of Gannett Corporation, which publishes the Wall Street Journal and other newspapers in the United States.

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The Daily News Building is a landmark in New York City, designed by John Mead Howells and Raymond Hood. The building has been the home of many famous news media companies over the years, including WPIX (a Tribune property), CBS Radio and New York Post newspaper.

One of the newest buildings in the News Building is a digital billboard that shows a live news feed from the top floor. The billboard reaches an impressive 15 feet in the air and is made of glass, steel and LEDs. It is also an interactive feature that allows users to scroll through the story with a tap of the screen, and to take a picture of it with their smartphone camera.

The Daily News is a good source of information about New York City and the surrounding area. It has been described as the “world’s greatest city’s news newspaper” and is an essential reading for anyone who lives in the Big Apple or wants to stay informed about New York’s current events.