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Founded in 1919, the New York Daily News was a pioneer in tabloid newspapers and is one of the longest running newspapers in the nation. The Daily News has maintained a reputation for providing quality journalism and giving voice to the underserved. The Daily News has produced more than a few notable names in the journalism world. These include George Orwell, Jack London, Arthur Miller, and William Safire. It has also garnered many prestigious awards, including two Pulitzer Prizes for investigative reporting and coverage of the Civil War.

While the Daily News has been around for several decades, the company has had to reinvent itself a few times along the way. The company is now owned by Chicago-based media conglomerate Tronc, which agreed to buy the paper for $1. Although the company has largely shed its preppy image, the Daily News still retains some of its legacy assets in the form of WPIX television and radio, the largest of which remains in its iconic News Building. Its digital offerings include a full-featured website, mobile apps, and subscriptions to the Daily News and other local and regional publications. The paper has a circulation of over 200,000, making it one of the most widely read daily papers in the United States.

The Daily News has a rich history, spanning almost two centuries and covering five boroughs of New York City. This newspaper has a mission: to chronicle the lives of the people in New York and its surrounding neighborhoods. In addition to its print products, the Daily News has launched several new ventures, including a daily video channel and a radio station that recently passed the one million mark. It has also been a pioneer in e-newspapers, having launched the first paperless online edition and a paperless version of its famous e-newspaper, the Daily News Bulletin. The paper’s circulation has slowed down, but the company has managed to maintain its standing as one of the nation’s top-selling daily papers. Its interactive digital offerings, such as its online edition and mobile app, give users the chance to share the paper’s news with their friends and family, and even download the newspaper for offline reading.

The Daily News has a storied track record, with a circulation of more than 200,000 copies by the time of this writing. Its latest offering, the Daily News Magazine, is a high-quality supplement to the Daily News. The Daily News has won more than eleven Pulitzer Prizes, including the award for best newspaper in the nation. It has a strong commitment to covering the neighborhoods of Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and the Bronx. It also has a number of local bureaus, and maintains strong sports coverage. The paper has a particularly impressive list of writers, photographers, and reporters.