The Daily News

The Daily News is an American newspaper founded in 1919 and currently based in New York City. The paper is known for its sensational headlines and hard-hitting journalism. The paper has been awarded several Pulitzer Prizes and has a dedicated readership. The paper covers local, national and international news with a particular focus on New York City.

The newspaper’s style leans left and it often criticizes right-wing politics and policies. The paper is well sourced and provides solid investigative reporting. It has also been accused of being biased against Donald Trump.

In a time of declining print and digital advertising, many local newspapers are struggling to survive. The Daily News is one of the few remaining major metropolitan newspapers in the United States. In 2022, it had an estimated total weekday and Sunday print circulation of 20.9 million.

Like many other traditional print publications, the Daily News is losing readers and revenue to online media. The newspaper is trying to adapt its business model to remain competitive in the digital age. It has shifted from a print-only publication to a digital and mobile product that offers a variety of features. It has also introduced special editions for holidays and events.

The Daily News app provides easy access to the latest stories and articles from the newspaper, no matter where you are. You can read the whole newspaper on your mobile device or download an article for offline reading. The Daily News app also allows you to share news with friends via email.

A subscription to the Daily News gives you unlimited access to all of its articles and content. You can choose to view the newspaper in full-screen mode or use the swipe feature to move between different sections. The app is compatible with most Android and iOS devices.

The newspaper is a great source for local news and sports. It has been the home of a variety of famous writers and columnists. The newspaper has a history of breaking big stories, including the assassination of John F. Kennedy. The paper has won numerous awards for its writing and investigative journalism.

In addition to the Daily News, the newspaper publishes a number of supplements and magazines. It also produces video and television content for its websites. In addition, the newspaper has a number of educational resources available for teachers and students.

The Daily News is the oldest college daily newspaper in the country and is a member of the National Press Club. It is located in the historic Yale Daily News Building designed by John Mead Howells and Raymond Hood. The building was a New York City landmark until 1995 and is now known as Manhattan West. The News has offices in Brooklyn and Queens and is a sister company of WPIX-TV. The News is owned by the Tribune Publishing Company. The Daily News is also the publisher of the New York Post and New York magazine. Its sister companies include New York, the New York Times and the Chicago Tribune.