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Founded in 1919 by Joseph Medill Patterson, the New York Daily News was the first U.S. daily newspaper to publish in a tabloid format. By 1947, the Daily News had reached a peak circulation of 2.4 million copies a day. It is now based in Jersey City, New Jersey.

Pulitzer Prizes

Despite bankruptcy filings and staff layoffs, The Daily News continues to win journalism awards. The paper’s editorials have been instrumental in changing public policy. A series of editorials by News staffers Beverly Weintraub and Heidi Evans highlighted the increasing medical toll of 9-11 responders. They also forced all levels of government to reexamine their medical response to the attacks.

The New York Daily News Editorial Board was recognized for a series that documented the growing medical fallout from the attacks. The editorials forced all levels of government to reconsider their medical response and provided new services for survivors.

Locations in New York City

Until 1995, the Daily News was headquartered in The News Building, also known as 220 East 42nd Street, in Midtown Manhattan. The Daily News is a morning tabloid newspaper published in New York City. Its circulation is more than 200,000. It also has a strong local news coverage. In 2017, the Daily News won the Pulitzer Prize for Public Service.

The Daily News was one of the first American newspapers to publish in a tabloid format. The New York Times has described it as “high-minded” and “populist.” It was a staunchly Republican newspaper during the 1940s and 1960s. The Daily News also supported isolationism during World War II.

Featured articles

Featured articles in Daily News are no doubt a dime a dozen, but the best of them all are those that stand out from the crowd. Using the right tools and techniques, the average writer can craft a dazzling array of articles to delight even the most jaded newshound. Featured news articles abound in a variety of formats, from a traditional news wire to a daily email bulletin, and from print to online. A well-trained editor will be able to slap together an engaging and effective content package in no time. Its no wonder the site boasts over 6 million pageviews per month.

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Whether you have a smartphone or computer, you can access the digital editions of Daily News. These apps give you the latest news stories and feature award-winning writers. They also allow you to share stories through email and download editions for offline reading.

The Daily News app is designed to make sure that delivery problems never interrupt your access. It gives you thumbnails of the printed pages, as well as a full list of stories. You can swipe between the newspaper pages, and you can also share stories through email. It also gives you the option to print articles if you choose.